Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing Around with a Weekly Schedule for Next Year

I know it is really too early to be planning this, but I really enjoy it. Also it helps me from scheduling too many subjects for the new year. Whenever I start planning I tend to want to teach too many things.

Mondays - Bible, History, Literature, Math, Science, Grammar, Written Narration, Poetry, Tone Chimes Class

Tuesdays - Bible, History, Literature, Math, Nature Study, Personal Development, Grammar, Poetry, Drama Class, Spanish Class

Wednesday - Bible, History, Literature, Math, Science, Greek, Vocabulary, Written Narration, Spelling, Picture Study

Thursdays - Bible, History, Literature, Math, Science, Greek, Vocabulary, Composer Study, Spanish Class

Fridays - Bible, History, Literature, Math, Science, Greek, Vocabulary, Written Narration, Spelling


Nekkid Chicken said...

We are playing around with a four day a week; all year sked with homeschooling. It just seems to work better for focus now that we are gardening and such. Glad your hen finally went off being broody. May I ask; what are you using to teach Greek? Thanks! Happy Easter, Mal

Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

Our week is generally a 4 day week because the kids have paper routes on Mondays (as well as Co-Op which takes alllll day). I plan for 5 days a week but lol probably should revise it because it just doesn't happen!

Jenny said...

I always enjoy your schedule and curriculum posts. I take them very seriously, checking out links to your suggestions, etc. I'm going to come back to them all for ideas when I start getting serious about my next year plans. We are going to have our (soon to be) 11 year old at home again next year so it's even more applicable now. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your nice comments. I usually just pick stuff that fits for our family. But I do tend to stick with CM methods most of the time.