Saturday, April 30, 2011

Senior High: A Homeschool Design Formula

With the end of the school year drawing near I decided to put some books on hold at the library for me. Each summer I try to read and sometimes reread some of the best homeschooling books. This year I decided to focus on books dealing with planning a high school homeschool education. As I have mentioned before, I really don't want to do your traditional highschool cookie cutter schedule of classes. I would like to do subjects/classes that Grace will really find an interest in and if I can make them fit into a transcript that a college may like more the better. Not sure which direction will be taken at this point (delight directed learning, life skills, Christian unschooling, etc.) but I feel strongly that God is leading us down some new path. Even though Senior High: A Homeschool Design Formula was written in the early 90's and the credits needed to enter college have increased, it is still a good read. Here is something from the book that really stuck with me. The 7 pillars of education mentioned in the book could cover most items you want your child to learn/know before going out in the world. Does your average person really need to know all the higher learning maths and sciences. Once I finish alot of these books I will report back with my findings. I am sure that some of the homeschool families I am close with might think I have lost my mind. But unless something big changes in the next couple of years I think this is where we are headed in our studies.
Wisdom's 7 Pillars of Education

  1. Revelation of the knowledge of God and His will

  2. Closer relationship with God

  3. Preparation for roles in life

  4. Preparation for specific life calling/purpose

  5. Character development

  6. Basic foundation of knowledge to function in society

  7. Equip with tools to learn for life

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