Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Morning At The Garden

This morning was our weekly trek down to the garden to weed. Scott actually went down yesterday to pick bugs and eggs of the potato plants. The above picture is the path that leads down to the garden.

This is the view coming down the path for our section of garden. One of the other gardeners was there also.

The veggies that are growing the best right now are the various lettuces and spinach.

And the red and white potatoes. Even with fighting the bugs.

Strawberries are not flowering very well yet. The plants that are not doing well at all are the watermelons , peas and a couple of types of lettuce. Again school will start later in the day due to gardening. Makes me ponder about how the early settlers and farmers did it. Everyone went out in the morning to do the animal and crop chores then came back to the house for breakfast and maybe some studying.


Stoney Creek Homestead said...

Hi Diane

I love the path going to the garden. It fells like we are being lead to a secret garden. Veggies are looking good!

My garden spot is still under snow :(


Kelly Rhoades said...

Looks great! Watermelons and peas shouldn't be planted until about Mother's Day in our area. You might try re-seeding again then. If you're doing corn, you can plant it now!