Friday, April 8, 2011

Went to the Grocery Store - Now Depressed

It has been a whirlwind kind of week. Four performances of Alice in Wonderland. So glad we took Spring Break this week. Now we are preparing for our church's annual B-que and yard sale. Lots to do. I will be working on the serving line tomorrow for the b-que and hubby heads up the yard sale. Plus tomorrow is hubby's birthday. Taking him out for a birthday dinner tonight. Went to the grocery store today and was so depressed over food prices. I was only able to buy two packages of ground round and two of chicken. The beef roasts were outrageous. The cheapest roast found was 19.00. Unbelievable! Also our local gas station is sitting at 3.68 a gallon. When I got home and told the husband about meat prices he said maybe it is time to start thinking about raising our own poultry to eat. Not sure if I am at that point yet. Also our grocery store sells a rotisserie chicken for 4.99. Can't even buy a chicken for that cheap and cook it yourself. That might actually turn me into a non meat eater. We do so much better as a family if I do a menu plan and I haven't in a couple of weeks. Also because of all the performances and practices alot of fast food has been bought and eaten over the past couple of weeks. Need to nip that in the bud right here and now. So I am now about to make out a menu plan for the next two weeks. Time to tighten the belt again on spending and such.


Debbie said...

Ok Diane - get your coupon binder going and start saving!! By the way - the price of that roast is ridiculous! I buy my beef from a ranch here in Texas and I only pay 9.00. I would say, you need to shop somewhere else or find a meat market with reasonable prices.

If you use coupons and save on non-food items and side dishes, then your big splurges can be meat.

I've started buying a couple of the "Carving Board" packages of chicken and turkey from the lunchmeat section. They are meats that are packaged and not thinly sliced, like lunchmeat, but left in bigger pieces. I've used them in chicken casseroles or soups, where you need a little protein and meat. It's not a huge amount, but just enough to feel like you've got some meat in the dish. Very convenient too and they have coupons in the papers for these.

I had a friend who started using beans in her spaghetti sauce, for protein. Maybe only a few meat dishes a week and the rest, beans and veggies (Black bean burgers).

Unknown said...

Thanks. All good advice. One of my problems is my children have grown up on processed food and no one in the family will really eat casseroles (unless tomato sauce based) or soups. We have always been a meat and potatoes kind of family. Trying to fix this, but obviously late in the game hard to change children's attitudes to new kinds of meals. We are a work in progress.

Kelly Rhoades said...

And, unfortunately, we live where we don't have a great source of meat other than chickens! There is one grocery store in our town and only 2 others within the county. In July, our super wally world will open, but that won't help with meat much.

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

I feel your pain. I can't even breathe how much money I spent in the past week on groceries and I do use coupons! I'm very frustrated. We are trying not to eat out at all- even when we are on the road- and I'm packing lunches for my husband. I don't know about where you are, but food prices have really gone up here in Alabama. We're trying to eat more fresh foods, fruits and vegetables and I just can't find coupons for those. The closest Aldi's is nearly an hour from us which amounts to a ton of gas in my van so if I'm going to spend $40 to get to the store, I better save more than that. I've been a bit discouraged this week but haven't really figured out how to spend less when my family also likes meat and potatoes. Just try to feed my husband a meal without meat...:(