Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Day Out

For the baby chicks that is. Today the chicks are 2 weeks and a couple of days old. I have read that if the temp outside is close to the indoor temp you are keeping them under, you can go out for a while. Today was deemed the day because the temp was to reach 84 degrees. After lunch Grace went to her room and to check on the chicks and noticed a small amount of blood on one of the chick's tail feathers. Okay the chicks are bored and now starting to peck. Now I knew they really need to get out and stretch their legs. We had them out in a temporary pen for about 1 1/2 hours. They loved it and all their instincts came to play. Scratching, catching little bugs, etc. We decided to go ahead and build their new small coop in the next two days and go ahead to get them outside. With lights for heat of course. They really need the room.

Just wanted to throw in a pic of our handsome rooster. He loves guarding the girls and strutting his stuff.

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The Wife and Chicken Lover :) said...

Your rooster is one handsome guy. I love watching the chicks. I never knew they were so funny.