Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

What a glorious Easter Sunday. The weather is beautiful. Our butterfly bush is swarming with life today. Today was the big day to release Grace's three painted ladies. They all were very eager to get out. Two fly away into the trees but one went straight for the bush and as far as we know is still there feeding. Such a shame that their time spent as a butterfly is so short. The above photo is of a humming bug which looks like a bumble bee. Must have been four or five of these on the bush.

So many other butterflies were present too.

I think I will plant some more of the butterfly bush on the property to start attracting even more species of butterflies.

We had such a wonderful time out in the front yard just watching all the incredible creations of our God. Grace now had two caterpillars that she is hoping will build a cocoon and turn in to moths.

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Tracy S said...

What beautiful pictures!!! Oh how I love spring and all the newness! I love the sweet smells all around! Happy Easter! Hope it was joyful! BTW, I am so looking forward to catching up on your blog! I love that you have chicks!!!!!