Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a Chicken Zoo

This morning the coop was finally finished and the baby chicks were able to go out in it first thing this morning. Of course Grace felt like she needed to get in there with them. All sides are wood except one. Saturday the chicks will be 5 weeks old and are just about fully feathered. On Monday they will start spending the night out in the coop with their heat lamp. On Thursday we are headed to the homeschool convention and a neighbor will be coming over to keep watch over the chicks. I want to make sure they are comfortable in their new home before we live.

As always hubby did a wonderful job on using what we already had on hand to build the coop. Some improvements to this coop as opposed to the game hen coop is the fencing is higher for us to be able to walk in and not have to be practically on hands and knees to fetch from inside the run. The only items purchased was the fencing and conduit. We did discover that the conduit was cheaper by half instead of using purchased wood posts or steel fence posts.

Because of our location in a very wooded area we have to cover the runs in chicken wire to protect the birds.

The babies are already out and enjoying their run. This week we have allowed the babies to stay out all day and bring them in the house about 8 each evening. I am not even turning on the lamp at night for warmth anymore. It is 75 degrees in the house which is plenty warm for them. Plus I want them to settle down and go to sleep for the night.

You can't see it from this angle but directly across from this coop and run is the game hen/rooster coop and run. So when I say welcome to the chicken zoo, I am not too far off base.


Amanda said...

Oh, it's so charming! As a chicken coop should be. LOL.

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

So very sweet. Looks like Grace is a very loving "chicken mama"! :)