Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chicken Question

For all you chicken raisers out there, I have a question. One of our hens went broody a few days ago. Sometimes she is sitting on one egg and we move her off. She goes out eats, drinks, etc. then goes right back to an empty nesting box and sits until we remove her again. The past two night she has sat all night and not roosted with her flock. Will she get past this on her own? 9 times out of 10 she is sitting in an empty box. She is our best layer, usually an egg every day. Please advise.


Kelly Rhoades said...


Nekkid Chicken said...

move the nest box to another area

keep taking her eggs

Is she in the second year?? My hard-core mothers started this behavior in their second year.

Unknown said...

Nekkid Chicken,
The nesting boxes can't be moved, attached to the coop. We do remove any eggs that she lays but she hasn't laid in about 3 days. This is her first year of laying, I think she is one year old this month.

Tanya Murray said...

She will get over it. It usually takes about a couple of weeks. Craig keeps removing from the nest but I don't bother. If you are a commercial farmer counting food cost/egg production then you deal with it but as a backyard keeper its really no biggie. REMEMBER....chickens, like humans, are born with a set number of eggs in the ova. She will lay them, like humans mostly in their prime years. Bantams tend to go broody more than any other breed.