Friday, July 30, 2010

Something Exciting

I love The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Just got the new issue in a couple of days ago. There is a very interesting article about some folks that put together a great home school convention this past April in Cincinnati. We were actually going to go to it since we were to be in Kentucky around that same time, but finances, etc. got in the way. I love a good home school convention. Well, these same folks are going to do four conventions next year in four different states. The one closest to me is the one I am highlighting today. On March 17-19, 2011 in Greenville, S.C. one will be held. You can find out about the other locations and more info from The website says there will be over 200 classes and workshops and 300 plus vendors. Plus you get the option to purchase tickets and see Tim Hawkins. We have gone to the Atlanta convention for the past three years, I think it is time for a change. Greenville also has a great Zoo and park area. The zoo is only 6.00 a person. I also have some blogland friends that live near that area that I would like to meet up and have a chat. Be sure to check out the website and see if there is a convention being held near you.

Time for School

Monday will be our first official day back at school. I borrowed an idea from another blog. Last year we joined the craze of work boxes, this year all the work boxes are gone and the shoe boxes are filled with art supplies. The binder in the front is Grace's school binder. Some items I have included in the binder are a sheet to write down books read, a calendar for each month filled out with where ever she needs to be on particular days. Each night when I get lessons ready for the next day she will have a list of items to do that day for independent work and work to do with me. We have had such a busy summer with two art camps, volleyball camp, friends, swimming, and The Wizard of Oz, it really doesn't seem like we have had any time off. Regardless, back to learning we must go. Although, when I look back on the past 8 weeks I think I could have counted nearly every day as school because of all the learning through her passions she has come across as well as reading. Looking forward to a great new school year.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lots Accomplished Today

Got alot accomplished today. Tomorrow starts another four days of performances so I knew I needed to get some stuff done around the house. This morning volunteered at the library shelving books then off to Zaxby's for lunch. Had to return a bag of apples to the grocery store that were mostly shriveled then went to the local produce store like I should have done in the first place and got some gorgeous apples. Stopped at the feed and seed store to pick up pine shavings to line the nesting boxes and floor of the coop. Grace had a friend over for the afternoon. They played alot with the chickens and video games. I baked a loaf of bread, cleaned a bathroom, got our first day of lesson plans together for Monday, swept the house, washed three loads of laundry and put it away and watched a couple episodes of a favorite TV program on Netflix. It is nice when you can see your accomplishments as you walk around your house. Looking forward to a quiet evening. Grace and hubby are downstairs watching Tooth Fairy and I am going to read some - My home school magazine came in the mail yesterday.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Day

Lots to be done yesterday. Woke up early to get over to a friend's house to pick blueberries while Grace swam for a couple of hours. Of course it started raining almost immediately but stopped after a few minutes. Only got about 6 more cups of blueberries. Her bushes just didn't produce that much this year. After hanging out for a couple of hours so the kids could swim we headed home. Last night was the Pirate Party at the library which was the end of our summer reading program. Me and Grace went to help volunteer due to them being very short handed with Sally recovering at home from her surgery. She is doing well following the surgery just don't have any more details at this point about what was removed and the next steps.

Today is another early morning to drop Grace off for volleyball practice before it gets hot and dropping the dog off to be groomed. Chickens are doing well in their new home. Looking forward to a quiet afternoon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Feel Special

I was given two awards from I feel so special and loved. Thanks so much for the award. Of course it comes with perks, I need to name off 7 blogs that I really love to read and 7 things about me.
  1. I really love to watch British Television, espeically the dramas.
  2. I quilt, cross stitch and crochet.
  3. We are trying on our one acre of land to become sustaining with chickens, etc.
  4. I worked at animal hospital for 17 years before becoming a stay at home mom with our youngest child.
  5. I don't like to swim or camp.
  6. One day we would like to own a RV and travel the country.
  7. I live just 5 minutes from my mom and 10 minutes from my sister.

Here are some of my favorite reads, but you need to understand that I read more than a hundred blogs on a weekly basis. I know I am sad.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

They Have Arrived!

After our matinee performance we headed over to our friend's house to pick up our new chicks. We have 7 total. One Bantam and 6 Game Hens. Grace is thrilled.
It was down to the wire for hubby to get the roof on it and finished. Still a few finishing touches but pretty much done. The best part is the only items we had to purchase to build was one roll of wire for 35.00 and some nails. Everything else was free - wood, steel roof, wire we already had from bunny's cage, all the extra hardware. My husband is excellent at repurposing things that he picks up from various places. The supplies for the chicks (waterers, feeders, feed, and grit) only came to 27.00.

Now we just need to clean the back yard up. It has had many purposes over the years. For the first four years the dogs were in this area, then for three summers we had an above ground pool, then it was just left to grow weeds, etc. Now it is home to our first flock of chickens. We hope this next Spring to put in a huge pond in the front yard and maybe raise catfish.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Performance Down

Last night was the Friday night performance and it was a sold out show. One of our local banks held a reception after the performance for the cast, families and audience. Buffet style food with the cutest cupcakes styled for The Wizard of Oz. Wish I had taken some pics of them to show off. The top photo is of course Glenda the good witch. Beautiful dress. Everyone wanted to take pictures with her. Grace is in our costume as an Oz person.
Of course this little one is the actual star of the show. This is Toto played flawlessly by Hatsumomo. Toto belongs to one of the co-directors of the play. He is in the entire play most of the time being held by Dorothy. Very sweet, calm and for the most part does what is asked of him on stage. Two more days of performances before a break for three days. Looking forward to eating dinner at home with the rest of the family.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Opening Night

Last night was finally opening night for The Wizard of Oz. Everyone in the cast performed great. It is exhausting and alot of waiting backstage but after two months of practices we can finally see that all the hard work has paid off. I snapped some pics after the performance last night of the main characters with Grace. Of course Grace had already changed out of her costumes. The young woman playing Dorothy is just incredible. She just graduated from High School this year. Such a kind, sweet girl too.
Okay, this crazy gang is Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. All great actors too. Lots of fun to be around. The guy playing Scarecrow is a bundle of energy always moving and doing prat falls.

Until recently like alot of other people in the cast I have just been calling Christy the Wicked Witch until I learned her name a couple of days ago. She is great at this part but so not a wicked witch, very nice person. All of the folks in the play have been great. It has been great meeting all of them.
One performance down and 8 more to go. Back to the theater tonight, tomorrow and Sunday before we get a three day break. Haven't been getting home till 10:30 each night. Still need to get a picture with Glenda the Good Witch in her costume. Very beautiful!
Somthing interesting I discovered in the program with all the cast's bios was that three of the ballet dancers and five of the munchkin cast members are all home schooled.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Try This!

Found this today at one of the many blogs I visit on a weekly basis. This sounds like alot of fun. I think we might try it. Visit to check it out.

Finally Here!

Last night was our final dress rehearsal that we actually performed for a non paying audience. I was back stage the entire time but from what everyone said it went well. The play takes 2 1/2 hours to perform and Grace is in 5 separate scenes. In these pics the girls had already finished the Munchkin scenes and were waiting to perform their Oz dance when the main characters reach the land of Oz. The girls were playing a game while waiting. Lots of waiting involved. Past two night didn't get home until 10. Tonight is opening night and the show doesn't start until 7:30 which means we won't get home until 10:30. But she is loving every minute of it.
This week has also been volleyball camp. So we get one hour in between volleyball and leaving for the theater. Grace thinks volleyball is great and is so excited that she gets to play on a team this year. It has been very hot and very exhausting do all this together. Today will be the last day of volleyball camp. She is missing her dad a bit because by the time we get home he has already had to go to bed. He gets up so early each morning for work it can't be helped. Unfortunately it will probably be Saturday before she actually gets to spend some time with him.
I also wanted to give a quick update about Sally our librarian. Her surgery went very well and she was only in ICU one day. All her fine motor skills are good and she even called the library the next day to give an update on herself. Still waiting to know results on the lesion, if it is the cancer or not. Everyone please keep praying.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today Much Better

I got to reading all the kind thoughts, prayers and words that my blog friends have left me and I forgot to let everyone know how I am now. I didn't get sick any more, thanks goodness. Today I am much more like my old self. No more swelling or pain on the face. Now just waiting for scabs to heal and go away. I am surprised more people I come in contact with haven't asked questions, because I looked like someone had been beating me.

Struggling with Modest Clothing

Normally the only shorts I allow Grace to wear are shorts that are right above the knee and no tank tops. She started volleyball camp yesterday in our church gym that has no air in temps of high 80's and low 90's. When I picked her up yesterday she was red from head to toe and sweating alot. Today I made the decision to go to walmart in the exercise clothing section and pick her a few items out that will hopefully keep her a little cooler. Because after volleyball camp, in August they will start in to full fledged practices until games begin in September. We have at least 2-3 more months of really warm temps living here in the South. So I did pick her out two pair of shorts that are shorter than I would have liked and two tank top type work out shirts. I also purchased some sports bras. When she put them on it just looked like so much skin showing. I decided to go ahead and get them because there are only girls present at these practices.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sunday started like any other Sunday. Got up and ready and left for church. Made it through Sunday School and halfway through church service then started feeling bad. Went to the bathroom in the church office and became violently ill. Sweat profusely running off of me. One of my friend's husbands found me lieing on the floor trying to recover enough to make it home. Hubby was teaching in children's church at the time and said friend went to get him. I think when all of them first saw me I looked kind of pale and scary because hubby's first words were do you want to to to the ER. By that point I was starting to recover. I think I was having a reaction to my antibiotic. That or my body was just so tired from fighting this infection all week that it just rebelled against me and gave out. I got home and slept for three hours. The good friends that found me at church brought us dinner last night so I wouldn't have to worry about it. I was able to eat. They brought us grilled chicken, ribs, potatoes, and mac and cheese. This morning I am still feeling okay, put a call in to the doctor to see if I have to finish the last two capsules of keflex. I am too nervous about taking it now. Especially with having to run Grace to volleyball camp today and practice tonight. I don't have time to get sick again.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google Account Troubles

All of a sudden tonight I cannot leave comments on other blogs if I have to select a google account. It has always let me do this, even though when I originally signed up I used a yahoo address. So if some of you out there get a comment from a grace10 it is actually from me and is a mistake. I will try to work on the problem but if not able to fix I won't be able to comment on those particular blogs anymore that make you go through google. Sorry!

Outdoor Activities and Rain

This morning before it got to hot me and Grace went over to a friend's house to pick blueberries. We could on pick from one set of bushes due to yellow jackets nests in the ground around the rest of the bushes. After suffering this week through an infection on my face from a bug bite I was not taking that chance. Overall we picked about 5 cups worth of blueberries. For us that it an okay amount. Mostly we use them in muffins and smoothies. There were many more of the bush that had not ripened yet so we may still be able to get more. After blueberry picking we headed to the grocery store and picked up a few supplies to last us through the week until I can get big groceries on Friday when we get paid. Unfortunately there will not be much cooking going on this week for dinner due to scheduling. We have to leave volleyball camp at 5:00 and be at dress rehearsals at 6:00. Not enough time in there to head home and cook and can't wait to eat dinner later because we won't arrive home until 9:30. So I see alot of McDonalds in our future for the next week or so.
While we were grilling out hamburgers for lunch today we spotted these flowers that were covered with all kinds of bees. Decided to try a camera shot and actually ended up with a bumble bee with his pollen pouches full.

Progress on the chicken coop is slow. Mostly because of hubby's work schedule and rain. We did finish laying the floor, which is perforated sheet metal with tiny holes in it and tacked to the wood around the edge. This should keep any predators from crawling under and in to the coop. We also were able to start hanging the chicken wire until a deluge of rain came and pushed us indoors. Hopefully will be able to work on it some more tomorrow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Few Updates

If you remember me posting about our local children's librarian, she will be having surgery on Monday to remove a brain lesion that has spread from her breast cancer. Please keep Sally in your prayers.

I am still recovering from the infection on my face, and we don't really know what caused it. Maybe a bug bite, maybe a small scratch. Meds will be finished on Monday, if no better, I guess back to the doctor again. It is healing, just really slowly.

Practices continue. Tonight was the fifth practice this week, three hours each time. The good thing is everything is becoming second nature for all the actors and starting to look really good.
I saw on the community theater's website that they will be performing The Best/Worst Christmas Pageant Ever. This book is soooo good, we might do auditions for it also. Of course first I need to find out performance dates for her regular drama group and make sure it doesn't interfere and that Grace really wants to go through another big production.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy Week

Such a busy week so far. Play practice every night. Had to go to the doctor again yesterday for my eye. Still swelling alot, especially in the mornings, she thinks it is improving, just slowly. Lots of draining under the skin, so probably 3-4 more days of swelling. Hopefully today it won't be as painful. Cold compresses help keep the swelling down.

Last day of camp this morning for Grace which she is bummed about. Would love it if she could go for another week. After lunch a neighborhood kid is coming over to play for a couple of hours then off to art class. Back home for a quick, early dinner and then off to another three hour practice for Wizard of Oz.

Tomorrow is a little more relaxed. Going to a friend's house to swim and hang out before heading out to practice. Looking forward to blueberry picking Saturday morning and some R & R over the weekend. No practices on the weekends until performance dates.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Doctor Visit

Yesterday the area below my eye was swollen again and this morning. Burning, stinging, pressure all along my face with swollen lymph nodes on my face and neck. Felt like being hit in the face a few times. Got in to the doctor this afternoon, diagnosed with a infection unsure of origin, small scratch, bug bite, who knows. Put on predinisone and keflex. I am just hoping the pred. dose I took this afternoon will relieve some of the pressure by tomorrow. It is hard to walk around with a swollen face.

On a lighter note Grace started another camp today and will be participating for the remainder of the week. Monday - Friday, three hours a night will be Wizard of Oz practice. Next week we start performances. It is all coming together. Should be a good show.

Starting back on my diet tomorrow. I have gained back 7 of the 14 pounds I lost just six months ago. No exercising until my face clears up - just don't have the energy.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Award

I receieved a "Best Blog" award from Jenny at A great big THANK YOU goes out to Jenny. It is always wonderful to know that someone out there in blog land is reading and enjoying your posts.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watercolors, Insect Bites and Video Games

Grace has been completely fascinated with watercolor painting lately and is learning many techniques in her art classes. The above picture is something we tore out of a magazine. The bottom picture is her interpretation of the cat.

A couple of days ago I think I was bitten by some sort of insect right under my eye. Mostly just a little stinging involved. But this morning when I woke up everything changed. Under my eye was so swollen that I looked like a basset hound. Had to go to the doctor first thing and get an injection of dexamethasone. Also taking lodrane and ibuprofen. My lymph nodes in my neck were also sore. This afternoon the swelling is going down but feeling alot of pins and needles type feeling under my eye.

Wednesday night we were over at my sister's house for my nephew's birthday. All the kids decided to play Rock Band. Fun had by all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have been bad this week. Not alot of posts. Busy I guess. Catching up on some TV programs via the computer. I have lost all interest in American TV and tend to watch lots of programs from the BBC and other countries. Anyway, life is getting hectic with practices for The Wizard of Oz. Three days this week along with three days of school, a couple of library programs, art lesson, and just living life. For those of you praying for Sally - here is an update - the tumor is at the base of her skull and will need immediate surgery. Please continue to pray for full recovery. We have slept in late this morning. Need to go to the store and get a few items - running through the fruit like crazy making smoothies and milkshakes. Grace also needs a new sketch pad and some water color paper. Last day of summer school this morning for us, finishing up a couple of books, etc. then we will have a three week break from school due to craziness associated with volley ball camp, another art camp, and practices and performances for Wizard of Oz. We will start back for official school on August 2nd. Got to get the move on - hope everyone has a blessed day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prayer Request

As many of you know we love our library and we love our librarians just as much. We are especially fond of our children's librarian. Her name is Sally and she has been going through treatments for breast cancer for the past year and a a half. She has such a great attitude and really didn't miss many days of work during her treatments. She has been healthy and feeling good. Yesterday we showed up for a children's summer reading program and was informed it has been canceled because she had to go to the emergency room the night before due to suffering from headaches. They did a scan at the emergency room and found a mass in her brain. She was not at the library yesterday because she had an appointment with her oncologist. This really shook us to the core. Grace works closely with Sally through the library volunteer program. This morning we are going in for her weekly volunteer time and don't know if Sally will be there or not. Please prayer for healing, understanding, courage, and wisdom for her doctors for further treatment. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Construction Zone

Our backyard is a construction zone at the moment. All Sunday afternoon and some of yesterday was spent starting our chicken coop. The top pic is from our bedroom window. Kind of neat that each morning when I wake up I can check on them from the window. Grace is uber excited to hurry up and get the chickens.
We were able to get the frame built and part of the nesting boxes. With hubby being in the steel business we were able to get all of our wood and the metal we used for free. All repurposed items that would have gone in the trash heap at his business. Very little will have to be purchased other than the feeders, litter, hay for the nesting boxes and the metal roof.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th

Today is somewhat of a calm day for us. Yesterday we celebrated my sister's 40th birthday with a big swim party bash at a friend's house. Today after church we started in on building our chicken coop. Pictures to come later. While in the back yard we noticed this huge squirrel's next in one of the trees. We have tons of squirrels this year. The bottom photo is Grace's lego quest challenge for this week. The challenge was to build something to display your artwork.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day in the Life

This morning we actually got to sleep in - 8:30 that is. Ate breakfast and just hung out until 11:00 art lesson. Today they practiced with water color pencils and pain for different effects. Grace really got in to this and did more of it later on in the day. After art lesson we went to the library to pick up the next book in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series that came in then over to Zaxbys for lunch. Also checked on getting new tires for the car before heading home.
Once we got home, Grace had an hour to herself which she used to draw a dragon in pen and ink and do some more water color pictures. Then we had some school to do. Today that consisted of finishing a book about The Pony Express, two math review pages, grammar review, Bible, a chapter from By the Shores of Silver Lake, a chapter from Among the Forest People, and in the picture below writing - finishing a chapter for her fantasy book she is writing. I did learn something new today about The Pony Express - it was on in existence for 1 1/2 years before the telegraph took over.

After school work and a snack we got to relax for another hour before heading out for play practice. Tonight was Oz and Emerald City practice for two hours. Lots of dancing, lots to remember. We go again tomorrow night for more Oz people practice. All in all it was a busy day but very enjoyable. Between art and drama she had both of her passions fit in to a neat little package for today.