Saturday, April 30, 2011

No More Margarine

A couple of months ago I read an article about how margarine is really made and what is actually in it. It really made my stomach turn. I can't remember which blog it was on but I am sure you can google it and find it. This week I used my last tub of country crock margarine and have replaced it with sticks of butter. Stick of real butter are great for baking but not so much for mixing or spreading. Just a little too hard. Today I was in the store and noticed this spreadable butter. Of course it is twice as much as spreadable margarine, but I don't think I could ever go back.


Just an Average American Mom said...

If you take 2 sticks of the butter and put them into a sealable airtight container they will be just fine on your counter.

We do this and keep things going by replacing in another container the sticks when we use one whole stick from the first container. This way we always have soft spreadable butter.

It does not go bad unless you let it sit for several months.

Blossom Barden (NorthLaurel) said...

Try better butter: 1 lb butter (4 sticks), softened, and 1 cup oil. Blend together and keep refrigerated. I say refrigerate because the combination makes it spreadable when it is cold and a little too liquid when it sets out for awhile.

I'm not entirely sure but I'd say it's the same thing as what you buy in the store...but less expensive.

Kelly Rhoades said...

If you keep butter in a butter keeper that is meant for butter, it stores it under water and air tight, therefore it doesn't go rancid and stays soft.

Leigh said...

We've done the same thing. We use butter, I just have to remember to get it out about an hour before we need it for it to soften. Not my best memory moment all in all.

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

I use the butter keeper too. I could never go back to margarine. Yuck!

i cant decide said...

I haven't seen spreadable butter before. We used to keep butter out when we were eating bread daily. I have wanted to try a butter keeper but never ordered one. We love butter here. Oh, and I grew up on margarine.