Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates From The Homestead

I will start off with the baby chicks. Puppy thinks she is their mom. She keeps all the big dogs away from the chicks and wants to be as close to them as possible. The chicks are growing already. They are 8 days old today and doing really well. Even though they all look the same to me, Grace can tell them apart and has names for all of them.

Today we received our butterfly book and painted lady larvae. Looking forward to seeing them transform in to beautiful butterflies. I am hoping that they won't emerge until we get back from the convention which is about 4 weeks from now.

Also took a trip down to the garden today. The two pictures are of our red potatoes and strawberries. Today made the mounds for the remaining watermelon and cantaloupe seeds. I think hubby will go back this afternoon to plant carrots. Tonight we are expecting a low of 35, hoping it doesn't go any lower. Crazy spring weather. Yesterday it was 81 degrees and really hot, today windy and 58. The temp will continue to climb back up this week until it balances out some in the 70s.

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Anonymous said...

Seeing your baby chickens brings back so many happy memories! They are just wonderful creatures! Enjoy them.