Saturday, April 30, 2011

More of Grace's Creations

As you can see Grace is still fascinated with making her own sonic characters.

Each day during our literature read a loud I assign her something to draw. She really needs to stretch herself and draw some other subjects. One day I challenged her to go out in the yard and pick a wildflower to bring in and draw. This was her choice.

The next day I had her look through a book of horses and sketch something she saw in the book.

The following day I pulled one of her warrior cat books off the shelf and asked her to pick a cat to sketch. For writing we are currently working on a children's book together. We are writing in tandem, which basically means I write a paragraph and then she writes a paragraph. With two people writing the story and not discussing the outcome you really don't know where the story will go. Once the story is finished Grace is going to do the illustrations. I could really see that as something she might want to do in the future. Write children's books or maybe just illustrate them.

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Unknown said...

Being an avid Sonic fan myself, I was astonished upon seeing Graces characters. Very well drawn.