Friday, April 29, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hubby went down to the garden yesterday. Don't the potatoes look great. The red potatoes seem to be growing the best but the whites are hanging in there. Monday we will have to go down to the garden and do some heavy work.

Today was our last day working with butterflies and caterpillars. The last project on the agenda was researching what butterflies are found in the state of Georgia. Once we started investigating we knew we would have to narrow our search. The decision was made to research True Brush footed butterflies in the state of Georgia. Grace created two pages in her nature journal with pictures and names. Not sure what we will be learning about in Science next week. Because of the conference school will only be happening Monday - Wednesday. Maybe something will jump out at me at the convention to use for the month of May. Definitely something about nature.

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