Monday, April 25, 2011

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo and our library system has a program set up to get every family of 4 free tickets to visit the zoo. Each library in the system has a dvd available to the public to check out and keep for one week. The dvd is about the history of the Atlanta Zoo. Upon returning the dvd your family is presented with free passes to the zoo. A family can receive the free passes every year. It is somewhat hard to get the dvd. It cannot be put on hold, it is basically first come first serve. Also once you turn the dvd in you have only one week to use the passes. On a whim I called our local library to see if the dvd was in and low and behold it was. This works out great for us because we are going to the homeschool convention in Atlanta next week. Now hubby and Grace can attend the zoo for free one day while I am in a bunch of workshops and classes.

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