Friday, April 22, 2011

The Day of Spending Money

I feel like money is always running through my fingers. I am not referring to silly stuff. Just everyday necessities that a family may need. Okay maybe they are necessities to us and not to other folks. Today was the day of errands. 20.00 at the feed store, food for the chickens. 15.00 at the produce store (did I mention this was the second visit this week). My family goes through fruit like there is no tomorrow. Another 20.00 at dollar general for dog food, cat litter, soda (don't hate me), and deodorant. Art store for yet another sketch book for Grace and 5 new colored pencils which came to 17.00. Grace can easily go through two sketch books a month and we are slowly building up her colored pencil collection of the really good stuff. Once a month I let her pick out 3-5 different colors to add to her collection. I still need to get gas on the way back to church tonight which will be another 25.00. So if anyone was keeping up that came to 97.00 Ouch! I think this weekend will be a go no where weekend, don't even set foot in the car, except for church on Sunday. It is the only way I can insure that we spend nothing.


Stoney Creek Homestead said...

We on average head into to town once a month. The closest town for any sort of good shopping is an hour drive from here and that is where our bank is located. The only box store there is Wal-Mart. We can easily spend a $1000.00. That is fuel, farm supplies (dog/cat food, salt licks etc) Some groceries (deordorant, shampoo, women products, fresh produce etc) Hubby always says, as soon as you turn a key to start a vehicle it is going to cost money! And I think it is only going to get worse. Thank the Lord above for gardens and fruit trees!!


Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

You are so right - it adds up quite quickly. There are days I wonder if the "needs" will ever end!!

Kelly Rhoades said...

Someone is always "needing" something here. I am doing well on the grocery front and the "don't use the credit card for anything but gas" has put a big dent in the spending. What I can't preserve from the garden this year, I'll purchase at the farmer's markets and preserve that. I just ran errands today and spent $28.00 at Walmart, $60.00 at Lowe's for a gift for hubby, and picked up my food order today. I won't be going anywhere else.