Sunday, April 10, 2011

Talking About Meat

Pork to be exact. Yesterday our church had the annual B-Que and Yard Sale. This was our fifth year. Lots of work but also builds lots of teamwork.I always work in the serving line. We have an individual from "Best Butts in Town" (a competition cooker) come do it for us. He also makes baked beans and coleslaw to go along with the meat. Very good stuff. Whatever is leftover is offered to the congregation at a good prices. Yesterday I came home with 4lbs of pulled pork. We ate one pound of it ( feed four people) for supper last night with roasted potatoes and salad. I froze the remaining three pounds. This morning at church it was announced that 10 pork butts were leftover and could go to the first takers. I immediately put my name on the list and proudly came home with another 8lbs of pulled pork and put it in the freezer. We hope to serve this for Easter dinner and it will easily feed 10 people with leftovers to come back home with us. The 8lb pork butt cost me 25.o0 and the 4lbs of pulled pork I brought home yesterday cost me 24.00. Obviously the butts were a better deal, but yesterday the butts were selling for 40.00. We got a deal on it for working at the b-cue. So all in all I got about 12-13 lbs of pork for 50.00. Loving just being able to pull it out of the freezer and have a delicious dinner with no real work going in to it.

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Kelly Rhoades said...

We had meatless tonight. Couscous, squash, green beans, and corn muffins.