Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Materials for the School Year

I finally ordered our math for the new year, Teaching Textbooks grade 7. It was actually kind of funny when the UPS guy delievered it. Grace came running because she knows usually the UPS here means something fun is being delievered. We all know how much Grace dislikes math. Well she ran up to me and said, "What's int he box?", I replied simply "Math". She turned and walked away.

I wasn't sure if I had posted about this yet so decided to do it anyway. Simply Charlotte Mason has a new product available for picture study. Picture Study Portfolios contain pictures of paintings and a biography as well as instruction on how to do picture study in your home. No gathering materials. One click of the purchase button and you are on your way to a thorough study of an artist. I purchased two to get the year started off. I think SCM sold out the first go around but has more in now. I think they were pleasantly surprised to the response. More artists are also in the works. This just made my life a whole lot easier.

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