Monday, July 4, 2011

I Am So Behind

I have so much to get accomplished today. The weekend was kind of a bust about getting things around the house done. Saturday was a big grocery trip and a birthday party. Yesterday was an unplanned doctor's visit for Grace and then waiting on medication at the pharmacy. Grace gets swimmers ear sometimes twice a year. Very painful. Her ear canal gets so swollen that the drops won't fall down into the ear, this time had to go with oral antibiotics which will take longer to counteract the bacteria in the ear. Last night was hard because she was so fed up with the pain after the past couple of days she was in tears. So today is the push to really get some stuff done:

  • Grace needs to get back to some school like stuff - spending way to much time on the computer. Today she will paint her volcanoes, read, hermit crab study and clean out the hermit crab cage.

  • Hubby is building a small pen for the 5 week old chicks to stay outside. They are driving me crazy. Not quite big enough to go in with the buffs or the game fowl. They need a few more weeks on their own to gain some size to protect themselves if the pecking order becomes a problem, but they are too old to be kept inside even if it is only at night.

  • In the kitchen I need to make some deviled eggs and chocolate chip cookies. We have some red potatoes from the garden that also needed to be sliced, blanched and put in the dehydrator for drying.

  • Hubby needs to go down to the garden today and harvest lots of stuff. Which means I will have lots of time in the kitchen to clean it all and start getting it prepared for drying, or giving to friends and family.

  • Some weekly cleaning needs to take place also, like: upstairs bathroom, washing clothes and hanging to dry, cleaning windows and doors, sweeping and mopping.

  • I am currently go through alot of school papers that need to be sorted and filed as well as start planning our daily subject schedule for school. Believe it or not school will start in 4 weeks for us.


~*~The Family~*~ said...

Hope Grace is soon feeling better. I had swimmer's ear as a kid over 30 years ago and can still remember the pain so I feel for her.

Deb said...

Argh! I just typed a long comment and it disappeared!

Anyway, I have suffered from chronic ear infections my entire life. Finally, a doctor told me to prepare a small bottle of 2 part water, 1 part rubbing alcohol, and 1 part white vinegar and put a drop or two in my ear after a swim or shower. The alcohol evaporates any moisture and the vinegar restores proper pH. I used to make it without the water, but it's too harsh. I use it for a day or two when I can feel that twinge of an infection starting and have successfully warded them off.

Once, I got an infection so bad, it drove me to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor and he told me that even after the infection was gone, I needed to keep moisture out of my ear. He told me to saturate a little piece of cotton ball in vaseline and stick it in my ear during showers.

Which I did, for about 6 months.

Anyway, hope she feels better! And maybe ask your doc about some of these preventative measures. Ear infections can be just excrutiating.