Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvesting, Baking and Planning

I must be slow on the uptake but until now I never checked out from the library The Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Saw it on the shelf this week at the library and snagged it. Lots of great recipes. Also picked Gaia's Garden For Home Scale Permaculture. Due tot he fact we live on a very wooded, shaded acre we are researching permaculture to see how it would work on our property and what exactly we could grow food wise.

Oldest child asked me yesterday to make some snickerdoodles and never quite got around to it. Probably because I did a marathon session of finishing Damages Season 2 on Netflix. But today after visiting with grandparents and going to a doctors appt. was finally able to accommodate his request.

Scott and Grace were headed out this afternoon for some swimming down at the river and he remembered that his sandals were down at the garden. So off he went to the garden to retrieve sandals and came back with two bucketfuls of vegetables. The garden has exploded with items to harvest. He grabbed what he could and will head back down there this evening. Tonight after dinner my job will be slicing all the harvest bell peppers and put them in the dehydrator for drying. Believe it or not bell peppers require 14-18 hours in drying time. Might as well happen all night. Our bell peppers have been more thin walled than the ones you get at the grocery store so we might be able to shave off some of that drying time.

Also our tomatoes are just about ready for harvest. We have been told by other gardeners that are using the same land as us that tomato rot is a real problem. So Scott went ahead and picked these to let them finish ripening in the window to hopefully escape the rot. Me and my sister hope to make lots of salsa next week.

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