Tuesday, June 28, 2011


  • Woke up to hubby cooking breakfast and cutting potatoes to dry in the dehydrator. I immediately went to work placing the cut up potatoes on the trays. The bell peppers were dried all last night and turned out well.

  • Created a playpen area in the back yard for the baby chicks to get some outdoor play time. They will be five weeks old on Monday.

  • Brought home a sugar baby watermelon last night from the garden, turns out it wasn't ready yet to eat. This morning gave it to the chickens and they have picked clean down to the rind.

  • Took Grace to the library to cash in her reading hours. She purchased three books with some of her money and saved the rest for the next visit. In the month of June she has also earned free ice creams or milk shakes from multiple area restaurants.

  • Today Grace wrote another paragraph in her story, drew an illustration for the story, read for thirty minutes and listened to audio of the first Harry Potter book.

  • Due to an abundance of eggs I made cookies yesterday and will make pound cake tomorrow. Also had potatoes and eggs this morning for breakfast as well as making deviled eggs this afternoon.

  • Hubby working at the art gallery today and some tomorrow to help out the owner.

  • Hoping to get some spray paint tomorrow to paint two filing cabinets black to bring in the house and do some much needed organizing. Need to consolidate three different areas of bills, school paper work, etc.

  • Continuing to read about permaculture and how we might be able to use it here at home.

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