Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Habit of Obedience

The habit of obedience is a tough one. Being on top of this 24 hours a day is hard. At the beginning of the summer we implemented a summer learning program. Grace was asked to pick 5 items from the list to accomplish each day and it couldn't be the same items every day except for independent reading. The first two weeks were tough. She didn't want to do it and I heard "No" alot. Of course hearing "NO" is not new to use. There are many things on a daily basis that she would be asked to do and I would get "NO". So we revamped what this summer would be about. Yes we would still do a summer full of learning but we would also work alot on obeying. Doing what you are told the first time you are asked. Most of this is our fault because over the years we have not be consistent. Not anymore. Grace asked me the other day why I assigned her independent reading to do every day. I told her that when I routinely saw her picking up a book on her own to read each day, choosing to read a book instead of being on the computer or watching TV, that would be the day I stopped assigning her to read. I will have to say that the last few days have been very agreeable. She does not fight us about walking every other day, or doing the five assigned learning activities, or reading. She is even making her bed and getting ready on time in the morning. Maybe consistency is just what she needed. This is my purpose for the summer. Teach her obedience and help her find something in the academic world that really interests her (this we are still working on).

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Nekkid Chicken said...

Perhaps Grace is not the only one who is learning about obediance?

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