Monday, June 13, 2011

Adding to our Zoo

I had already told Grace that in August we would be purchasing hermit crabs to go along with our study of tidal pool life through Pagoo and the corresponding study guide from Queenhomeschool. Well, Grace received some money for her birthday and she wanted to see if the local pet store had any hermit crabs in. Of course you go down to any tourist shop on the coast and they are a dime a dozen. Low and behold they had three left with a new shipment coming in on Wednesday. Grace decided to purchase the remaining three with an entire set up with nine extra dollars from me. I told her the one condition of buying them early would mean we would need to go ahead and start on the study while she was actually excited about having the hermit crabs around. You know how kids are, purchase something new and they are excited for a few days then boom they move on to something else. So tomorrow we will be starting our new study.

They are very active and I can see we might need a bigger tank in the near future. If we see a 10 or 20 gallon tank at a yard sale we will get it and hubby can make a screen for the top.

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