Thursday, June 16, 2011

Points of Interest From the Past Two Days

Hopefully some of this will be interesting to you guys, mostly it is to us:

  • This is the third day with hermit crabs in the house and Grace hasn't lost interest yet. That is actually pretty big for her, she loses interest very fast. The past two days she has accomplished all the crab tasks on her own (feeding, watering, handling, misting with water, etc.). She is also enjoying our hermit crab study through Pagoo and the study guide we purchased from Queen Homeschool. She is focused and not fussing about doing work from the study guide. Believe me, this is a big deal.

  • As mentioned in yesterday's post we went to the big library in Spout Springs and checked out lots of books. Grace checked out two graphic novels and two manga books. She is already reading two big chapter books at home (Peter and the Shadow Thieves and rereading Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief).

  • We are about 300 pages into the first book of The Kane Chronicles. This is our fun book that I read aloud to her each day for 30 minutes. It took about 240 pages before she actually started enjoying the book. She doesn't like it as much as the Percy Jackson series but it is growing on her.

  • This morning Scott and Grace got up, went out for breakfast, then on to a nature hike for a couple of hours. It was a great way for her to get in her daily exercise.

  • This afternoon we did the third day of our study of hermit crabs, sat outside and watched the baby chicks play in the sunlight, and grilled out burgers for dinner.

  • Right now I am making home made granola bars while Grace and Scott are down tending to the garden. In a few I will head out for my daily exercise.

  • This morning I did a deep clean on both chicken coops. It's looking like Betty's egg might not hatch. So disappointing for her, she has sat on this egg so well for 21 days. If nothing happens by Saturday she is coming out of that nesting box and going back out with the flock. I hope she adjusts well. I also went to the feed store today to purchase scratch, medicated chicken starter, two bales of compressed pine shavings, poultry grit and oyster shells. Grand total 46.00. The price for a bag of scratch has gone from around 6 or 7 dollars to 12, the price of corn has definitely gone up.

  • The most exciting thing that happened today is our Excalibur Dehydrator was delivered. First of next week we will be harvesting and drying.

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