Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Week

We had a very busy weekend and now the week is shaping up to be busy also. Saturday was a pool party, Sunday was church and Grace had a friend come over and spend the night. Today Grace went back home with said friend and didn't return until tonight. Tomorrow we are heading out to Dahlonega to visit my niece's first apartment. Tomorrow is also Grace's 12th birthday so we will be going out to lunch. Her actual party is this Saturday and they will be playing laser tag. This afternoon I got the delivery from Home Science Tools so later in the week we will dive in to a study about Barn Owls with some books from the library and working our way through an owl pellet. The baby chicks are well and growing. So much more fun having them in the house than out in the coop. Looking forward to one more egg hatching next week. I am doing alot of reading this week as well as cross stitching. Mostly spending alot of time indoors due to the mid 90's temps. Very humid! Can't do much outside. Me and Grace have started watching what we eat more, drinking more water, and walking. I think Grace has already lost about 4 pounds, while my old self have only lost 1. It stinks getting old!


Annie Kate said...

We have one who goes out to look for eggs too! Such fun!

It sounds like you'll be too busy to do much schoolwork!

Right now we're negotiating chemistry experiments. My son wants to skip the ones he 'knows' and study soil science (university level) instead. I think that's OK, but he does need labs.... Perhaps I can get some soil science labs in; the other word for that is gardening. LOL

Annie Kate

Kelly Rhoades said...

This week is shaping up to be just as busy as last week for us. We also got in the remainder of next year's school books; mostly Abigail's.

Stoney Creek Homestead said...

My school days are behind me, but I remember how sometimes it felt like it was chaotic!

Congrats to you and Grace for taking the initiative and getting more healthy and active.