Thursday, June 30, 2011

True Confessions

I am a Glenn Beck groupie. There I said it. I started watching Glenn Beck on CNN 4-5 years ago and then followed him over to FOX News. A couple of years ago we decided to let go of our cable tv and watch Netflix through our Roku box or watch all the free programming these days you can find on the Internet. One thing that I would miss was FOX News and The Glenn Beck Program. We have never looked back after losing the cable. Too much trash commercials and TV available for children's ears and eyes. While meandering my way through the Internet today I find something very interesting. Glenn Beck has started his own network, but it is so much more that just a TV program. I urge everyone to jump over to and take a peek at what will be offered. Soon you can even watch this through your Roku box. His company has amazing things planned.

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