Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have You Ever Had A Dream

Everybody dreams about ways they would like to change their lives or special things they would like to accomplish one day. Believe it or not one of my dreams has always been to own a business. A little cafe up in town that everyone like to come in for breakfast, a small book store that people from our small town visit to purchase a gift or sit down to have a cup of coffee and chit chat. We have even discussed opening a craft/homeschool supply store in our small town. The only place we have to purchase any craft supplies within a 50 mile radius is Walmart. Since starting down the path of self sustainability a new dream has started taking shape. On the road trip to the library this past week we had a discussion about some of the future dreams for this path. Scott is loving the garden and of course I love my chickens. In the Fall we hope to start working on our version of small fish farming with some of the ideas from aquaponics. Also I want to try my hand at a version of indoor greenhouse growing over the winter for lettuce. All of these ideas culminates into gardening on a larger scale next year and more egg production. We are thinking about trying to sell some of our bounty at a farmer's market next year, seeing where that goes and then maybe even going bigger. Right now hubby is home 4 days a week and working three days a week in a town 1 hour and 15 minutes away. We don't know how long this schedule will hold out and we definitely don't want to go back to him working 5 days a week. We have gotten very used to him being around most of the time and enjoy our time together as a family. So we would like to put a plan in to motion that would ensure him getting to stay at home as much as possible. I have recently started reading some small books about growing and selling. The biggest idea I have learned from the reading is to pick a couple of specialty items to grown and sell. Of course as my title suggests this is all in the dreaming phase at this point. But we have all fall and winter to plan and maybe make some of it work. Have you ever had a dream like this? Want to share? Leave a comment about your dreams.

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Staci said...

I definitely want to try growing things in a greenhouse. I would like to try a cold frame for lettuce. I'm hoping next year. I've always thought a bakery would be fun, but unfortunately when you own the business I don't think you get to enjoy the fun parts of the job like talking to customers so it's never been something I've pursued. Aquaponics definitely interests me as well, but it's not in th near future. I'm hoping beekeeping is. I know that I want to be self-employed I'm just not positive what the full dream is yet though. :-)
Have a great weekend and congratulations to Grace on her own blog!!