Monday, June 20, 2011

Purchases and Banana Chips

This week most of our small Walmart's merchandise will be moved to the new super Walmart to be opened next week. As they are doing this they are clearancing out some of it. I got a nice chicken rug for the kitchen and a new desk for the school room for me. Most of the year I was using my sewing/craft table ask my desk. No drawer, shelves, etc. Hubby will put the desk together for me tomorrow and then I can get everything set for the new school year.

We made banana chips in our new dehydrator today. Yummo! Hubby went down to the garden this morning and brought home about 10 pounds of potatoes, 4 green peppers, two banana peppers, handful of carrots, and 6 squash. I think tomorrow we will be dehydrating some potatoes.

On a side note, Grace started Mosaic Arts Camp today. She waits all year for this. Unfortunately this will be her last year to attend. The camp doesn't go past rising 7th graders. Her three classes this year are: photography, art, and scrapbooking.

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