Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Days

I wish I could say lazy summer days but we are still just as busy in these first days of summer as we were during school. Of course Grace doesn't realize that we are actually still doing school just not math and writing. Today I made a list for Grace to accomplish. She did some watercolor painting of the baby chicks, read 30 minutes from her book, I read a chapter from our read aloud and she did a vocabulary page. This afternoon we headed back to a friend's house to swim for a couple of hours. Once home I immediately started in on dinner. After dinner my sister came over and I gave her some of the veggies from the garden then we went to my mom's house to bring her a bag of veggies too. The baby chicks are progressing very nicely and so much fun to watch. The dogs are much more relaxed this go around with chickens in the house as opposed to having the 6 Buffs. I guess 6 make more noise than 2. Although Angel (toy poodle) is still very protective of them. Scott went down to the garden again tonight and came back with three heads of lettuce and some carrots. The carrots were still a little early and very small. Hoping tomorrow we can stay at home and be lazy. Oops, I forgot, the library is having a retirement party for one of our favorite library ladies. But that's okay, Grace can turn in her hours for reading and get some prizes.

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