Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Board Meetings, Camp, and Planning

Today was Grace's third day at Art Camp. She is really enjoying this and will miss it next year. Rising 7th grade is the last grade allowed in. She will finish out the week and then we will get to go Sunday afternoon to see all her work. The church that does this sets up the gym like an art museum to display all the kids' art work. Yesterday after camp we had lunch out and then headed to a town close by for me to attend a board meeting. Recently I was elected for our home school groups board of directors. I will be filling the spot for a year for Parent Support Advocate. Mainly this means I will be responsible for scheduling parent support dinners, seminars, etc. This was our first board meeting for the new year so lots to discuss and there where three new board members, so that meant even more catch up. We have a small group of about 33 families. Today meant typing up a questionnaire for the group and making a new brochure for the board of education to hand out to new homeschoolers in our area. As I mentioned in a previous post we are reading Pagoo and doing a study on hermit crabs and tidal pool life. Well now that this study is under way I need to start planning for the next one we will use. Pagoo was easy because I was able to purchase a inexpensive study guide from Queen Homeschool to use along with it. Well, Minn of the Mississippi doesn't have a study guide. That means I need to make one on my own. This study will be great to do next because we hope to go to Tybee Island in September. Minn is a turtle that travels the Mississippi River until he reaches the Gulf of Mexico. Of course Tybee is on the Atlantic seaboard and has sea turtles, I still think it will be fun. Wish me luck, I need to read through 20 chapters and come up with corresponding activities, questions, etc. to do about snapping turtles.

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