Friday, August 31, 2012

First Little House Link Up


When I was growing up I remember getting to watch the reruns on TBS of  Little House on the Prairie every afternoon Monday - Friday. If you can believe this, as a child I never read the book series. I know! What was I thinking, did I live in a black hole? Now fast forward many years and I am just fascinated with the whole Laura Ingalls experience. Three years ago I read aloud the entire series to Grace and we both got to share in the great experience of wading through the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think Grace's favorites were Farmer Boy and when Laura met and eventually married Almanzo Wilder. When Grace was even younger and learning to read better she really enjoyed reading through the Little House Series of picture books. The illustrations are just wonderful. Now we have moved on to something different. It is my plan to purchase, when funds are available, each television season of the Little House show. We already watched the first season through Netflix but I really want them in my own library. So far we have purchased season two. 
The Little House Series has also inspired me to do a lot of things differently around the household. We now raise chickens for eggs and in the next couple of weeks will be butchering some for the freezer. I make butter from the cream of bartered milk, crochet, quilt, make many more meals from scratch, and lots of gardening and preserving. I think most of the population could actually learn a great amount of knowledge from the books and inspiration. Grace still makes references Laura Ingalls and some of the things we learned through the books. This year in our Notgrass America the Beautiful book there was actually a whole chapter about Laura and her life. Grace was fascinated to learn that her grandparents were alive at the same time as Laura Ingalls. Of course Laura was very old at the time and not famous yet. Be sure to visit The Usual Mayhem to link up your stories, etc. about Little House On the Prairie.


Eddie said...

That's pretty funny about the books! I did the opposite; I never saw the show until I was in my twenties and they were in reruns.

I'm looking forward to doing some of what our country friends call "living the life of a 21st century pioneer" like you've been adding in with the bartering, butter making, etcetera. We just have to make the final move to the island....I can't wait!

Thanks for both linking up and for sharing! Much appreciated!

Karen said...

This is so strange. Keilee has never read these. Wasn't interested. She just started them AND we got the 1st disc from Netflix today. Great minds... :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad you've discovered the wonderful books! I used to read them over and over on our two hour long bus ride to and from school. I practically had them memorized as a kid ;)