Saturday, August 4, 2012

Are You Anxious About The Future?

I don't talk about this often. I know God is in control and our needs will be taken care of, but pragmatically I also know that some preparation for the future is needed. What is going to happen? We can try to predict so many things, but no one really knows. A couple of days ago Clark Howard  did a report on the drought and food prices going up. He says it is going to get really tough in the next 6 - 12 months. Food prices are going to sky rocket, not that they haven't already. A few days ago I went to purchase some items for my mother because she can't leave my dad alone yet, on her list was to purchase two small packs of hamburger meat, whatever was on sale. Well, nothing was on sale and the cheapest you could get was $4.00 a pack. I remember a couple of weeks ago I could get everything we needed for two weeks for $100.00 - $150.00 now we look at $200.00. This entire year we have tried to stock up and store some food. Not because we think some type of  horrible catastrophe is going to happen but mainly because food prices will go up so high that we might not be able to purchase everything we need. Another item that worries up is what exactly is going to happen with the elections in November. I don't think that Obama will win again, but we are worried that the losing party will cause problems, such as rioting or protesting. I am also concerned about the economy failing as is everyone else at this point. A couple of years ago we started some endeavors at home to help up such as gardening, raising chickens for eggs and soon to be for meat, reusing items before buying, paying down debt, cooking from scratch, staycations, preserving food, stocking up, and so much more. There is so much to talk about but I guess the main thought I wanted to get across is please pray, please prepare for the future. America needs to turn back to God and rely on him.


Nicole said...

I worry too, Diane, because I just can't believe that God is going to bless a nation that has a non-Christian as their leader. Our choices are not good. They are not the Christians God is looking for to lead their people. But, as He will take care of our needs. Our wants may just have to be put on hold for a time. This is one of the MAIN reasons we are selling our $400,000 home and renovating (with our own labor) a $30,000 home in a small community.

Eddie said...

I worry too. I'm in Canada and our Prime Minister is essentially turning us into a dictatorship rather than a democracy.

Our grocery bill (and we cook from scratch 95% of the time and buy in bulk) has gone from $300 per month 5 years ago to closer to $800 now, for basics only.

We're taking a three-pronged approach:1. Paying down debt 2. Trying to build some added income via blogs and other ventures, and 3. Like Nicole's family, we plan to move to a less pricey town and buy a much less expensive house in the next year or so, specifically in an area where we can do some small-scale farming.

Hope it's enough.

Karen said...

I agree Diane. As a single Mom I struggle a lot. I have been laid off for 3 weeks and it just terrifies me.