Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vintage Remedies Saturday and a Photo

I forgot to take a picture for this week's project so you will just have to take me at my word. Chapter 3 was about healthy drink choices. So far I think this is the one chapter that Grace really got a lot out of. Recently we took all soda out of the house and have tried to replace it with healthier choices. I do allow us to get soda when we eat out, but 9 times out of 10 I still choose something else because of my severe acid reflux. This chapter includes many types of drink recipes to make at home. After Jazzercize on Friday we stopped at the store and picked up a bottle of carbonated water to mix with a can of concentrated 100 percent fruit juice to make a fizzy type soda. The biggest problem was the fizzy doesn't stay very long so eventually it turns into juice again. The chapter also includes recipes for fruit punch, lemonade, and a natural sports-aide drink. Next week's chapter looks like healthy snacks.

Sorry to keep posting pics of Grace's drawings, but I am a proud mom and that is just what moms do.

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