Friday, August 17, 2012

This Week In Co-op

They just kept coming. First drama class with almost 40 kids involved. We are accustomed to working with 15 - 24. What a blessing. If everyone decides to stay for next semester the group will be divided in to two groups. Possibly elementary and high school.
Art 3rd - 6th
This was my art journaling class. I was so impressed with how well behaved everyone was in class. My class has 16 students. Most of the kids I know from drama, home school group or church, with a few newbies.
Art 7th - 12th
This is Grace's art class. The older kids totaled almost 30 so we definitely had to split them up and add another class. This semester will be a mixed media class and art history.
Me, My Partner, and Dance Teacher
My partner in crime is the woman in the middle and on the left is our dance instructor. The kids just love her, she is so much fun.
Dance 7th - 12th
This photo is of the older dance group from yesterday. If you can believe we ended up with close to 20 teens in this class with at least 9 of them being boys. They had a blast, until they had to partner up to start learning the waltz. lol. But everyone is taking it in stride like a professional.

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Karen said...

Please let us come and join this Co-Op!! This looks amazing Diane!