Friday, August 3, 2012

What is Your Take on Cooperatives?


In our beginning years of homeschooling, we did belong to one small academic cooperative for one semester. We loved the fellowship, but low and behold nothing was offered after that. We live in a small town but have at least 250 families homeschooling. Not sure what all of these families are doing but they are not participating in cooperatives. This was very disappointing for me because I just felt like we as a homeschooling community were missing out on something by not being involved. For this new year that has all changed. Why you may ask, because me and a close friend have partnered up to create one. Over the past four years we have worked together with a children's drama group. With much prayer, discussion and research we decided to expand. In just two short weeks classes will begin at Creative Christian Cooperative. Classes will include art, choir, drama, puppetry, dance, and music. We currently have enrolled 40 students with a few families still deciding. We hope to add more classes each semester as more families come on board. Our focus is reaching out to the children in the community to spread God's word and love and teaching these children to bless others in the community with their talents at a very economical price.


Eddie said...

I love the idea of a co-op, and I know there are some successful ones in our province, but since we live at the edge of the boonies the nearest one is an hour's drive away. We have teamed up with my sister in law and run our own mini science co-op, which we enjoyed very much!

Nicole said...

Great, Diane! Way to take the initiative! I may end up having to do the same thing once we move. I may be coming to you for some tips!