Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why Homeschool? Why not?

We started homeschooling for a very personal reason, our daughter suffers from anxiety. In 2nd grade we just wanted to get her home to an environment where she would feel safe. Since that time so many other reasons for solidifying our decision have come forward. Let's face it, girls can be mean. I am so glad that for the most part my daughter doesn't have to deal with cliques and bullying. In no way am I saying it only takes place in public schools, but we do have less chance of it affecting our lives at this point. Another reason we like having our daughter home is we get to choose what she learns. In public school whatever the state and federal government feels is appropriate gets taught. Not to even go in to the fact that history is being rewritten daily with wrong or biased information. At the end of the day the number one reason for us to homeschool is the togetherness and closeness of our family. If our daughter was in school all day we would not be this close, and that would be heartbreaking.

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Annie Kate said...

Anxiety can be such a burden! How wonderful that you can homeschool her!

I think that the Social Anxiety course will help her. If you work through it with her and go slowly, it will make a huge difference. Perhaps you can even videotape her before and after to encourage her!

I used to by shyer than shy, but after that long-ago psychology experiment I mentioned in my review, things changed. Now I regularly chat with strangers and am even considering setting up a neighborhood Bible study!

We tried growing stevia but it wouldn't germinate. I'm glad it worked for you.

Annie Kate