Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not So Normal Sunday

This morning both Grace and my 22 year old son woke up with respiratory viruses. So church was a no go this morning although later I am attending a fellowship kick off for our small groups. Each small group is in charge of a mission outreach for our church. It was a really tough choice because I felt led to be a part of two different groups but after much time, prayer, and deliberation I chose prison ministry. Anyway, me and hubby were both up, it was 9:00 and the whole day was ahead of us. We decided to take a three mile walk just the two of us and it was great. Talking without kids around and exercising to boot. Lots of spiritual decision going on lately that we needed to hash out. After the walk I came in and cooled off a little then started with cleaning all of the chicken coops. Hubby went to the backyard also to start preparing an area for us to butcher some of our chickens. That will be on the schedule next week. Once I was finished with coop cleaning I moved on to the patio stones which were in dire need of some cleaning. Actually they had become slimy and treacherous with algae. Next came lunch then a well needed bath. Ran over to my mom's to visit a bit and pick up some tissue for Grace (didn't want to drive all the way in to town just for tissue and mom lives 5 minutes from the house). Now contemplating what needs to be taken care of next. I have a few reviews I need to start writing and a stack of books that need to be read. God Bless and have a great day!

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Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I hope they're both feeling better. Hooray for a little time to do what you want to do!! :)