Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Budget Friendly Refreshing Part 1

I have decided to share my bedroom makeover in smaller chunks. There are so many pieces that I have refreshed as opposed to purchasing new. We live in a rustic cabin and when we moved in 13 years ago all the furnishings were purchased for that rustic theme or we used pieces we already had on hand. The table above has lived in my bedroom for at least 10 years. It belonged to my husband's grandmother and when she passed away we brought it home after helping get her house ready for an estate sale.

The table had water stains on the top that needed a coated of paint. Once I decided on the paint choice for the wood pieces I would be painting then I picked the paint color for the walls. I knew I wanted bright colors for more of a cottage style theme which will eventually spread throughout the entire house. Room by room. The yellow paint was purchased from Wal-Mart for 3.97 from the craft section. It took lots and lots of coats. Next time I will splurge a little more on the paint and buy something that doesn't require as many coats.

Here is the table in its proper place between to the walk in closets. Green on the walls, yellow accent pieces and one of my treasured cross stitch pieces on the wall. For now the table holds a basket with craft supplies and tons of books waiting to be read. Tomorrow I will be back with my next accent piece that really makes the room pop.


Lauryn Ziliana said...

I love this Diane. These colors look great together.

Unknown said...

Love that yellow!