Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend Family Projects

Today working on clearing more of the backyard
My parents have a contract on their house and hopefully will close on August 8th. We are moving them into my sister's house. She has lots of space where my parents will have their own living quarters, kind of like a mother-in-law suite only bigger. The downstairs already has two large bedrooms, bathroom, and living space. We are adding a small kitchenette and laundry room. Seriously they will have at least 1200 square feet down there for themselves and two dogs and a cat to live. Many things have had to happen to make this work. Currently we are clearing out all of my sisters things that were downstairs to put in storage to make room for my parents possessions. We also have to clear out a portion of the back yard to make a fenced in area for my mother's dogs. Another big item on the checklist is laying concrete to go down and around the house to offer easy access for my father who is not very mobile. Lots of sweat, tears, time, and money to make it all happen. I will post pics of the project as we go along and once mom and dad are moved in. This was an inevitable situation that we all knew would need to happen. My dad's health has gone down hill over the past year. He doesn't drive anymore or leave the house much. My mom is exhausted from the continuous care of a yard, house, and my dad. Dad also falls sometimes and one of us goes over to help my mom get him back on his feet (currently walks with a walker or in a wheelchair for longer distances). Now at least at night someone will be home to help if the need arises and mom will have just more people in general around for company, etc.

Dining and living space

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