Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Never Ending Practices, Art Camp and Exhaustion

Most of our week was wrapped into rehearsals every night. Last night was the longest clocking in at 5 hours. The musical is finally all coming together. We are less than one week from performance. Three mornings this week Grace also helped at another art camp. Exhaustion has definitely set in for both of us and we are ready for a little down time.

We were still able to squeeze in some time for a couple of review products that we are working on. Ubersmart Math Facts, Dave Raymond's American History, and now a Raising Bearded Dragons online program. Yes, Grace is very interested in purchasing and raising a baby bearded dragon. From what we can tell so far very expensive and lots of work.

Two home projects going on at the moment - the first is a door we are creating for the school room. Main purpose is to keep all the animals out of this room. Have you every tried to concentrate with two cats and two dogs hankering for as much attention as possible. Hopefully it will be finished by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Second project is the wooden shelf I showed in a previous post. I painted it with a white primer then two coats of the green I used on the walls of my recent bedroom makeover. It is now hanging in Grace's bathroom.
Today my son is closing on his house and we will be helping him move in sometime this weekend. Tonight is another very long practice for the King and I with cast pictures. Tomorrow morning I go to my sister's house to help as we are moving all her belongings from the downstairs to a storage unit to make room for my mom and dad's things. They close on their house in early August. As you can see this is where all the exhaustion is coming in to play. Grace has literally been sleeping the past two mornings to 11 or 12. Alice in Wonderland auditions are next Sunday afternoon right after our first Sunday morning matinee of the King and I. Not sure at this point if she is going to go through with another musical to prepare for back to back after this one. The only thing that makes it a bit better is the fact that we have already performed Alice In Wonderland Jr. and remember a great deal of it. I did find time to finish the brochure for Grace's new princess party business and gave them to the painting studio we will be working with.
As you can see the week was eaten up by play practice, art camp, a little school work, and lots of afternoon lounging around to catch up on rest. Next on the agenda is to start preparing lesson plans for my students I will be tutoring, Grace, and my Cooperative classes. Looking forward to getting back to a regular school schedule.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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