Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Algebra - Finally!

I did some rethinking about what 75 percent of the Teaching Textbooks would actually be. For some reason I kept having in my mind that we had 10 more lessons to finish to accomplish that. Today (because we are so dang tired of Algebra) I decided to look at the numbers again. Before I had taken the actual number of lessons. This time I did page numbers. Low and behold we have just made it to 75 percent of the book and we are calling this math class DONE!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how happy we are to be done with Algebra I. Looking forward to a much easier year with general math and personal finance. I'm thinking of throwing us a little party. Kidding....or maybe not kidding.

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LJS said...

We need to finish Algebra 1 this year. We started last winter and it is a chore. Congratulations!