Monday, June 30, 2014

Diana Waring - A Review of Experience History Through Music

Music has such an impact on so many lives, including my own. Most folks can hear a song and it takes them back to a certain time in their lives, both happy and sad. Music evokes many emotions from the listener, but as in the case of this review, music can also be used to educate us about history. Every song has a story or background. Every composer or lyricist of a song has their own story and background. Diana Waring has brought much of what I am trying to articulate into a new product from Diana Waring Presents titled Experience History Through Music.
First let's talk a minute about who Diana Waring is in case you don't already know her or her products. She is kind of a rock star in the homeschooling world. I have to take a moment and tell a personal story. Two years ago I visited the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville. Me and my husband sat down to listen to Diana give a history presentation. I was excited because I had heard so many great things about her being an awesome speaker. She literally got about two sentences out, then the fire alarm sounded and everyone had to vacate the building. I was so bummed. This year I went again to the same convention and got to talk with her and her husband a couple of times at their vendor booth. Wonderful products and people. Needless to say I was very excited to participate with this launch team and review her new products. Okay back to Diana - I was surprised to learn when joining this launch team that she has a background in music. She studied music and drama in college. Diana also sings and has a beautiful voice that you will hear once you purchase Experience History Through Music. Diana and her husband have three grown children that were homeschooled. She has traveled all over the country and even out of the country speaking to other homeschooling families bringing encouragement and information about her products like History Revealed.
I was quite thrilled when asked to help launch this new product for Diana Waring. Believe me when I say that Experience History Through Music has been a long labor of love for Diana. God has moved in so many ways through bringing this project back to life. Many years ago the original recordings were thought to have been lost forever, but they were digitally re-mastered and brought to you now through much prayer and love from everyone involved with this project.
First up is Musical memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder by William Anderson. This was the one that we dived into right away. We love all things Laura Ingalls Wilder and this was a great addition to our household. It has been a few years since we read the book series, but reading through the pages of stories brought a lot of the feelings back of reliving the lives of the Ingalls family while going through it. Musical Memories is packed with beautiful illustrations and wonderful pictures from Laura's life. I so wish this product would have been available when we were reading the series originally. The recordings would have added so much to the read aloud time to stop and listen when a song was mentioned in the books. Our favorite songs on this disc/book would be Wait for the Wagon and Sweet By and By. I really wish I knew how to play some sort of musical instrument so that I could utilize the sheet music in the back of the book. We also enjoyed the introduction that gave us more of a peek into Laura's life. Out of all the books this was our favorite if anything else but for pure nostalgia. Don't get me wrong though, the other two books are just as great.
Next up is Westward Ho! The Heart of the Old West by Diana Waring. This book concentrates on all things about settling the great west and beyond. You will find stories and songs about the California Gold Rush, Chisholm Trail, Oregon Trail, homesteading, cowboys, settlers, and more. The most famous well known song in this book would have to be Home on the Range.
Last but certainly not least is America The Heart of a New Nation by Diana Waring. America would have to be our second favorite of the three because I always love songs with a patriotic feeling and the stories behind them. Kids will love singing along to Oh! Susanna, Polly Wolly Doodle, and She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain.
All three books are great for all ages. Each book with accompanying CD sells individually for $18.99 or for the month of July you can buy them as a bundle for $50.00. We listened to 1-2 songs each day and read the corresponding story behind the songs origin. This is a great product folks! It could easily round out so many different types of studies, like the Gold Rush, Little House Series, Cowboys, Old West, American Revolution, Oregon Trail, and so many more. Each book is filled with wonderful stories, illustrations and sheet music for every song included. Great product to have on your personal library shelf to utilize many times during the school year, or to just listen for fun! Be sure to check out Experience History Through Music by Diana Waring, especially with the great bundle buy taking place in the month of July for $50.00.


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Very timely review! I love patriotic songs and folk music!