Monday, July 28, 2014

Exercise or the Lack There Of

For two years I have taken my exercise time very seriously. Up until a year and a half ago that meant various activities 5-6 times a week. Over the past six months other factors in life have taken over and exercise went down to 4 times a week, then three times a week, and now has virtually become non-existent. The biggest factor is contributed to the King and I play me and Grace are participating in. It has literally taken over our lives. Most nights find us at the theatre for 3-5 hours each night. The next morning we are spent and sleeping in to catch up on rest. Then it is too hot outside to walk, etc. and not enough time in the afternoon to drive to the gym - work out - then drive back home before heading to the theatre yet again.

Well, that is all about to change. In two weeks all the performances and dress rehearsals will be over. We can get back on track with visits to the gym and Zumba classes as well as walking at night after dinner once the temps cool off. Of course I had one other calamity that befall me a couple of weeks ago. I sat a chair on my toe and I think it was cracked or broken. I was unable to wear shoes other than flip flops the entire time and it is still sore in sneakers.

So my promise to myself and everyone else is that in two weeks exercise will once again take a very prominent role in my life. I have to get back in shape. I always feel better and not so exhausted all the time.


Sandra said...

Ouch - that toe looks sore. Exercise makes me feel much better too. Looking after a dog has been a big help - I simply have to go for a long walk everyday with him!

LJS said...

That looks broken to me. So painful. Hope you are feeling better! My exercise has slipped because I have not made the time to keep yoga in my life. I plan to get back on board when this puppy comes. I plan to walk him hard to wear him out!