Friday, July 4, 2014

Budget Friendly Refreshing Part 3

This table serves as my desk and also holds all the electronics (computer, TV, modem, Roku box, etc.). I spend a lot of time at this desk. Just like everything else in the bedroom it needed freshening up.

I learned my lesson on the other projects. This time I painted a primer coat of white first. This white was simply another bottle of 3.97 white from Walmart.

After a short dry I then painted two coats of yellow. This is a slightly different shade of yellow than the first. Lowe's carries some sample paints that are perfect for this type of job and are only 3-4 dollars each. Next time I need small amounts of paint that is exactly where I am going.

I decided to leave the bottom half of the table unpainted to create a more distressed look. I also cleared a lot of the extraneous stuff off to give a more streamlined design.  

This little basket was wooden and we picked it up at a yard sale about five years ago. It held my cross stitch supplies for many years and then was in the attic for a while as well. This time hubby helped out with some left over spray paint from another project.
So tomorrow I hope to share a pictures of the room with the added accent pieces and we will be done with this series. I'm sure all my fellow home school followers will be glad when I get back to blogging about actual educational stuff.
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Lauryn E. B. said...

You have been very busy over there. I love the updates you have done.