Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Collapsing Bird Cages and Neverending Play Practices

Grace is our resident chicken whisperer. In the picture is Betty and her three babies. This past week they discovered a hole in the fence and Grace had to go and catch them a couple of times to bring them back. Luckily she has spent time with these guys as they have grown which makes them not too spooked when she goes to coral them. Hole is fixed and chickens secured.
I think this was the week of bird problems. Inside the house we have two parakeets that were recently relocated to the dining/kitchen area in front of a flight of stairs. We also have two cats. Can you see where this is going? A few days back one of the cats at 4 in the morning decided to climb onto the top of the bird cage from the staircase. This particular cat weighs 14-15 pounds but thinks she is still a kitten and can get anywhere. 4 a.m. and crash. Cage completely collapsed and the birds escaped. Me and hubby catching birds and putting said cage back together. End of story - birds are fine - cage more secured than ever.
And yet another bird story. My mom has a very short tree with very little foliage on it right next to her front deck and front door. A cardinal decided to make a nest and sit on three eggs. They hatched this week. This was not the most ideal spot of raising a family. First rain and very hot sun falls directly on the birds. A couple of days ago the nest fell apart with one of the babies on the ground below and the other two hanging on for dear life. My mom had to bring out a small wicker basket and  place the babies in it. Luckily the mom returned and continued to take care of them. Okay now let's go to yesterday - torrential rain storm and wind. Blew the wicker basket and babies out of the tree and spread them out on the ground. My mom retrieved the babies again and put them back in the nest. I haven't spoke with her today but it will be a miracle if they survived and mom is still taking care of them.

Three nights this week we had play practice for the King and I and each of them lasted at least three hours. I am feeling totally out of my element her but learning a lot for when I take over our drama productions in August with the  Cooperative. Me and Grace are making many new friends through the community theatre. Grace was excited to find out that the next production will be Alice in Wonderland (which she has performed in before) and wants to try out again. The next 2-3 weeks will be intense practices every week night at the theatre followed by 8 performances of the King and I. I hope we can both hold up at this pace. Last night we were on stage from 5:30 - 9:00 and never sat down or left the stage for anything.

Grace did some work with gearing up her Princess Birthday Party business by having me take photos this week to create a flyer to hand out.
Most of the schoolwork this week revolved around a review product for history and still trying to finish up Algebra 1. We just received another review product that deals with math facts we will start tomorrow. Yes sometimes we do school work on Saturdays.  Grace attended an anime art camp today. Today I also signed her up for a Literature and Spanish class. Both will be all year. The Spanish is done in blocks which means she will finish two years of Spanish in one year.
I am furiously trying to tie up lots of last minute ideas for the three girls I will be tutoring starting in a few weeks and Cooperative business. Summer is flying by. Some posts from this week you might be interested in reading:

Weekly Wrap-Up


Unknown said...

I just love bird adventures, especially in the middle of the night. Heading out to my flower pot to collect some eggs now, always interesting with birds!

Karen said...

Wow. What an exciting week. I am glad all the bird incidences went well! I know how time consuming those play practices can be. This is the first year ever Keilee hasn't done a summer play. Love the Princess Birthday Party idea. About to see if I can find more about it.