Sunday, July 27, 2014

Advantages to Reviewing Products

In my case this post will revolve around reviewing educational products. I have been blessed for the past two and a half years to be involved with the TOS Review Crew. This partnership has in turn blessed our family with a multitude of educational products. I was given the products for free for my honest opinion after using the product for a certain amount of time in our home. Many of these products I would never have purchased either because we were already using a product that made us happy, maybe the product was out of our price range, or I had not ever heard of the vendor/product.

Working with the Crew is just like having a job. Each product we are picked to review has to be used appropriately, a review written, posted to my blog, and shared in different social medias. Once you are chosen to work with the Crew it is a year long commitment. As with any endeavor there are advantages and disadvantages that go along with the territory. I would like to concentrate on the advantages because quite frankly it is hard to think of hardly any disadvantages other than time out of your life to accomplish the reviews.

  • Free products. Each year is a little different, but so far this year our family has been blessed with over 10 free products and the year isn't even over yet. Last year we reviewed close to 30 products. This year I was a little more cautious in the amount of reviews I took on. So this means over the past two years 40 products have traveled through our home - some only during the review period and others we continue to use to this day. None cost us anything but time. This is a great way to supplement your homeschool curriculum throughout the year. Sometimes you even luck upon products that can be put on the shelf and used again the next year.
  • Meeting wonderful people from all over the country even the world. I have had the chance to meet not only the people I work with through the TOS Crew but also different vendors and companies.
  • More exposure to my blog. All reviews are posted in several different areas which exposes your blog to more readers. It is a great way to grown your followers and again meet many more people.
  • Educate myself. Over the past couple of years there are things I have had to learn to make it all work. Blogger, other social media platforms, writing, marketing, solving computer issues, and so much more.
I say all this because soon you could also have the opportunity to join up with the TOS Review Crew. In a few months an application will be made available for you to fill out if interested in joining. There are a few things you can be doing now to have a better chance of being picked. If you do not have a blog that would be the first order of business. You will also need to grow your number of followers quickly as they do have a minimum numbers of followers required in more than one social media platform. This is a huge commitment so you will need to pray about it. I promise to post the link to the application when it becomes available.

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