Thursday, July 3, 2014

Budget Friendly Refreshing Part 2

Using what you have is the name of the game. I have owned the two shelves above for years. I really mean years, like maybe 20. They have always been the stained finish. Now that I am moving on to wanting more color in my life I knew that had to change. The shelves were in my attic collecting dust. They were too good to be locked away never to be seen again. I painted the first shelf yellow of course to match the new color scheme in my master bedroom. The other shelf is being painted green to go in Grace's bathroom.

For a while about 8 years ago I was collecting colored glass. I collected a few pieces and then just stopped. They too have been collecting dust up in the sky light area of the bedroom. No more of that. I moved them to the shelf to add some more color. Now I need a beautiful, colorful quilt to hang on this shelf to complete the look. I just happen to have a quilt top I was working on years ago and never finished that will do just the trick. I will share once that is accomplished. So this little refurbishing only cost another 3.97 bottle of paint from Wal-Mart.
Next up is a very tired old hassock. I have a tall bed. This enables my senior dog and miniature poodle access to the bed. As you can see the hassock has seen better days. I think it has literally been around for 15 years or more first belonging to my parents and then me. I can only take credit for picking out the fabric because I know very little about sewing. This week I went over to a friend's house and she created the cover with very little help from myself. My friend makes all sorts of odds and ends. You should take a peek at her Etsy store Little Farm Diary Shop.

The fabric cost 9.84 for two yards and made two covers to switch out while the other is being washed. As you can see in the picture below Puppy already loves it.



Unknown said...

I just LOVE budget re-decorating! Thank you so much for mentioning my little shop! You are so sweet! I love that yellow shelf too!!!

Melissa said...

I love that yellow shelf! I have a shelf of similar style that I don't really like and would have never even considered painting it, thanks for the inspiration! Now to pick a color..