Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Favorite Book From the Past Revisited

One of Grace's favorite books from her elementary years is Hungry Planet What the World Eats.  We checked it out from the library so many times but I never took the time to order it for our own personal library.
Fast forward quite a few years and now I have a new endeavor of helping three different families help homeschool their 5th grade daughters in my home. The geography unit study we will be studying throughout the year requires a few of the books we loved from the past. Yesterday Hungry Planet came in the mail and when I showed it to Grace she immediately sat down and again looked through the entire book while eating dinner. She is always amazed at how little some survive on weekly for food while others have so much. I am looking forward to using this book again in a homeschool setting.


Karen said...
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Karen said...

Diane, we LOVE this book. I bought it years ago and Keilee and I have spent so much time perusing it. We also have "Material World" which is really awesome too. It shows peoples home collections. Everything they own. Very telling how we live with way too much stuff in USA.