Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Pulled Every Which Way

This week is what many would call an over scheduled week. I would totally agree with that conclusion. This week was really crazy and yet we still seemed to get a lot done. On Monday we went to get impressions for orthodontia work, ate lunch out, squeezed a trip to the gym, a little school work thrown in, and I went to Bible study in the evening.

Tuesday was a little school in the morning then off to Cooperative after lunch. I taught four classes and Grace attended her four (Improv, Stage Makeup, Pottery, and 4:12 Ministries). Immediately following classes the Cooperative had a parent meeting about our first Spring Formal for the high school kids.

Wednesday I meet one of my co-directors for the Cooperative at our venue for the Spring Formal to start getting ideas of what needed to be moved and what kind of decorations we can use. The venue is a barn (not one used for animals) and because of the rustic setting the theme will be A Country Carnival. It should be very cute. Again we got a some school work accomplished before dinner. We tried watching a movie, Becket, produced in 1964 to set the stage for our study on Henry the II. The first 45 minutes had more sensual stuff in it than I care to sit and watch with my 14 year old daughter. I thought for sure it would have been a little more chaste. If anything it did show her how power hungry and just plain bad most of the kings were back in that time frame. A family from the Cooperative came over to talk about the possibility of me teaching there daughter at my home next year. Kind of scary but I do feel up to the task.

Thursday found Grace attending her Speech and art class then off to the animal shelter for her first day of volunteering. She did fall in love with a little dog named Shorty. For all our benefits I hope he gets adopted before we go back next week. She has talked about him a 

Today we did a full day of school and off to the gym this afternoon. Next was grocery shopping and now we are all doing our own thing.

What We Discussed, Learned, and Studied This Week

Started a study on Henry II and the Tudors
Algebra Lessons
Finished White Fang
Japanese Lessons
Simple Machine Experiments with a new review product
Learning Study Skills with another new review product
1st Corinthians 
Speech Homework

Reviews We Are Working On

Mango Languages 
Motivated Moms
Victus Study Skills
Supercharged Science

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A Candle to Read By said...

It's so funny about Becket--we are at Henry II and Thomas Becket in History of England at Truett. I considered watching this also with them--I thought it was safe since it was 1964! This very morning I read over some content reviews and changed my mind. On Youtube there is a BBC documentary about the "Murder in the Cathedral" story--I think we will try that. Glad you had some good accomplishments this week.