Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Snow and School

Art project for upcoming art show
This week proved to be very interesting. Snow and ice predicted Tuesday - Thursday. We did end up getting about five inches of snow and luckily not much ice. This meant we kept power all three days while many farther south of us did lose power. The snow was beautiful but started melting away yesterday with the sun out all day. We had been in the house since Monday afternoon and were starting to get  a little cabin fever. Public schools were cancelled all three days but of course us being homeschoolers we forged on and did school all three days with lots of breaks to go out into the snow. Now that Grace is in high school she doesn't require a lot of time out in the snow. Give her 30 minutes in the morning and another in the afternoon and she is all good.

What We Learned and Studied This Week
Module 3 in General Science - Surface Tension Experiments
Research Paper about Knights
Grammar - Pronoun Review
Marie's Words - Vocabulary
Japanese Lessons
Algebra Lessons 55, 56 and Chapter test

Just like every other kid on the planet right now Grace is obsessed with Flappy bird and Silver loves to watch over her shoulder.
What We Are Reading
White Fang
House of Hades
King Arthur
Finished The Captives

Reviews We Are Working On
Mango Languages
Motivated Moms
Finding Joy: A Christian's Journey to an Unschooled Life

We didn't get to attend Cooperative or Grace's other classes. Everything was cancelled due to the weather. Looking forward to getting back to it next week. Also no visits to the gym since Sunday afternoon due to the weather. We did attend a Valentine's party at our homeschool small group meeting on Monday. 7 moms and 23 kids in attendance. Grace and Scott watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Despicable Me 2. They are my animation movie lovers.

Yesterday when we ventured out to the main road we discovered a tree had fallen during the night or early morning and was being held up by the steel wire. This tree blocked the way out to go anywhere. We called the power company and they came and removed in later in the afternoon. So for the first time in three days Scott headed out to the Tattoo shop to help out (believe it or not while tons of people stayed home from work and school the tattoo shop was very busy) and me and Grace went to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner. Now that the roads are all clear we are off to the gym today and running lots of errands tomorrow.


Karen said...

I just saw all your snow pictures in the previous post and they are beautiful!! It looks like you live in a lovely area! As always I am blown away by Grace's talent. I hope your girl is feeling better. Keilee and I continue to pray for her every night. Happy Valentine's Day Diane!!

Becca said...

Thanks for sharing Grace's art. My art girl and I love checking it out each time you share.

Leah Courtney said...

The art work is wonderful!

I think every post I've read talks about a snowy week. We're snowed in everywhere!

Kay said...

Wow, that's a decent sized tree down. Crazy!! This weather of the SE US has been crazy. Yay for having your V-day celebration. Our was not meant to be. Too much ice here in SC to get out of our housing area with the decent hills.