Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blasts From The Past - Curriculum I Miss

Over the past week I have been looking through Grace's old school books and curriculum. There are a few that I really miss using and would love to use again if the right situation arises. This is by far not all of the items I wish I could still use but it is a start.

I lucked upon this little book a few years ago. I purchased my copy at the local homeschool convention. Vocabulary Cartoons teaches vocabulary words through mnemonics and cartoons. Most of the cartoons are quite humorous and silly which captures the students attention and makes them easier to remember. This book can be purchased at any curriculum site like Rainbow Resource and

Queen Homeschool Supplies was always one of my favorite resource sites during the elementary years of homeschooling Grace. Everything is slow, steady, and gentle. One of their products that was my one of my favorites would have to be the Pictures in Cursive Series. Each two page spread has a beautiful painting and sentences related to the picture to write in Cursive. This product brings two of Charlotte Mason's method together with picture study and writing/copywork.

Another product from Queen Homeschool we enjoyed was the Spelling Through Copywork Series. This series of books has 30 weeks of lessons with a list of words each week related to a certain rule in phonics. The student copies the words and then copies sentences that include the words throughout the week. I add my own twist to this workbook by using with the word lists. The students can play games to reenforce the words and take spelling quizzes at the end of the week on the same site.

If you have elementary students and haven't check out these products, take a peek, you might find them to be something you can use in your household. 


A Candle to Read By said...

I need to go through our stuff to see what we might use again, and to see what we might donate. I love Queen homeschool materials, too. Charlotte Mason is just about my favorite approach to learning.

LJS said...

Just ordered the vocabulary book. Got is used on amazon for $1! I have been looking for something like this. Thank you!

Karen said...

We have had this Vocabulary Cartoons book since Keilee was 8. We love it and still go through it! :)